The Metal Clay Master's Registry is open to all artists working in metal clay. It is made up of 4 levels each with 10 pieces of work and 1 final piece to complete level 5. It is both a technical and design challenge and encourages metal clay artists to use and integrate other materials in their work.  Read more about the Master's Registry here:

Completed assessment pieces by Denise Lawn for the Metal Clay Masters Registry.

From Top Left to Right: B8 - Using Dry Media. Wax pencils were used to colour the silver. E5 - Making Multiples. As many pieces as possible were made out of a set amount of clay. I chose to make links and join them into a bracelet using silk thread. E6 - Stencil Process. Bookmarks made from stencils cut out of brass and used on silver for decoration. B4 - Basse Taille Enamel. A4 - Constructed Box. D9 - Metal clay with a metal component. The ring base is sterling silver and the metal clay decoration was fused onto it. A3 - Syringe Project. C10 - Candidates Choice. The yellow plastic grog was found in a Christmas cracker and riveted to the metal clay ring. D4 - Keum Boo on Spoon Bowl. A thin film of gold is fused to silver clay once fired.